How High?

R knows what he wants, and he knows how to ask for it. Very, very well. He also has a habit of kind of forgetting that everybody else in the world does NOT actually have to do as he says at all times. It’s probably a four year old thing, right? Right?! Anyway, one of the (many) positives of having our pup and cat are that, naturally enough, they do whatever they like. They can’t argue back. They just…look at him, like “Woah little guy, why are you so pissed? Let’s just play!” and carry on like he’s not screeching at them to follow him in a precise line while he drives his model Mini Cooper around the floor.

It’s pretty fun to observe.

R is feeling a little better today, thankfully. My wrists and fingers, however, are still alternating between extreme redness and stiffness, and a deep ache pain. I bought a working wrist splint in the local pharmacy to see if it would help, but to be honest it was more a pain in the arse. I might get a pair of arthritis gloves, the fingerless ones with slight compression and grippy stuff to help me hold a cup of tea without feeling like it’s going to drop at any moment.

We had a brief glimpse of warm weather this morning, too, which was nice. Like the true sun-worshippers we are, we all piled out into the garden and lay in the sun until it got breezy again and the neighbours were probably looking out thinking, “Oh look there’s that weird family again, didn’t they mow their lawn like two weeks ago when it was blowing a gale?”

In other news, it was my mum’s birthday today and due to R’s moodiness we had to stay home and miss the party. Maybe next year eh? For now I think I’ll enjoy a bit of well-earned quiet time with my Kindle.


4 thoughts on “How High?

  1. Sometimes we get so caught up in their needs and quirks and strengths and weaknesses, we forget that they are still kids… kids with needs and quirks and strengths and weaknesses!

    I learned quickly with RA, to disable my hands just made everything worse (its also not recommended by my rheumatologist). I found small intervals of activity and rest made them better. My compression gloves work wonders! They don’t work for everyone, but hopefully they will for you, too.

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    • Thank you very much! I have got a refund for the splint this afternoon so just ordered the gloves online, hoping they will help. It’s very frustrating wanting to write and just getting horrific cramps and pain the entire time.


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