Tummy Troubles

When kids get a bit of a tummy bug around these parts, you are usually advised to do the following: keep their fluids up, feed them lots of plain food, and make sure they rest. What do you do when your child refuses to touch let alone eat anything resembling plain, easy-to-digest food? When they are awake pretty much all night for a week, never mind actually resting during the day?

I hate when R is ill. Not that any parent would enjoy their child being ill, I know, but it feels all kinds of horrendous when you have no choice other than to make him comfortable and wait it out, administering Calpol at appropriate times, pacing his bedroom at 4am (again), making car noises to comfort him. Not going to sugar coat it – I’ve been up to my elbows in crap this week. Hubby and I have had a bit of a cold, but no other issues. R has never been one to catch bugs and stuff, thankfully since his NICU days he has been very healthy apart from silent reflux. So, when he does get sick, I of course end up a nervous wreck, Googling symtoms at various intervals whilst tag-teaming with hubby for naps.

On the plus side, this week we have had a lot of fun painting and decorating giant cardboard boxes. R went completely off art of any kind after his two weeks at a specialist ASD preschool last September. He literally refused to pick up any pencil, marker, paintbrush you could think of. I tried everything, and eventually it emerged that he had been constantly corrected for, get this, drawing outside the lines. Drawing outside the lines?!

I’ve never been a perfectionist. Not even close. Hell, if we get through a day without a meltdown or a 10lb model car flying through the air towards my head I tend to celebrate! All through R’s childhood we painted and drew pictures. His playroom walls are covered in them. So, after he told me about teacher and her beloved lines, we had a good chat about how it was, in fact, perfectly fine to draw outside said lines, which myself and hubby demonstrated many times over the following months. Only now, this week, has he finally been up to doing it himself. So now we have a tonne of glittery, painted boxes if anyone’s running short!

It genuinely baffles me how so-called professionals can be so callous, uncaring and ignorant. And people wonder why so many are choosing not to send their kids to boot camp, sorry, school. Now, off to chase my little guy around for another nappy change. Have a good one folks!


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