Clarity as Spring Closes In

So..It’s been a while! Life has been very busy. We had a lovely, peaceful Christmas with minimal stress and maximum fun as a family. My hubby has joined the local running club and tomorrow he’s taking part in his first 10 kilometre race! I got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis last month, after eight weeks on my hands steadilly growing more painful and stiff. That was quite a blow to the system. It would be easy to assume my body’s auto-immune system has a grudge, hahah. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease a year after R was born; apparantly trauma can bring on these sort of things, activate something or other. A trigger I guess is what I’m trying to say. Anyway, hands in agony and a blog do not go well together. I decided, rather than face a life of trying this and that steroid, all the non-steroidal anti inflammatories etc. I would at least try to help myself through my diet. I’ve been very careful with what I put in my body since the coeliac diagnosis, but this time round I was eliminating dairy and refined sugar. Going full-on vegan.

After a month of veganism I can honestly say I’m doing so much better. My hands and knees and wrists still ache, but my energy levels are so much higher and an ache is a lot better than not being able to bend the joints much at all! I don’t mean to come across as preachy, so forgive me if I do. I’m a big believer in “different strokes for different folks”.

Now, on the R. R has been making HUGE progress all across the board these past two months. The biggest of which was definitely when, out of the blue one day, he stood up unaided using an old baby walker and proceeded to walk around the house! There were quite a few shocked, ecstatic tears all around! He is standing against the coffee table and declaring “Look Mammy, no hands!” a lot too. His vocabulary and reasoning skills have taken another huge leap. He asks “Why?” at least 1,000 times a day. He still loves wipers. We recently started with a new ASD service for SLT and OT (speech and language and occupational therapy). We were hopeful they would work with R using his logical thinking and natural friendliness to achieve goals we had outlined to them. Unfortunately, they completely ignored our request for a non-ABA-esque approach and after an hour R was done. A few days later and he is still all kinds of angry. He resents being manipulated and controlled using schedules, sand timers and the like. It has never worked for him. The worst thing is, since the appointment he has started hitting his head when he gets angry. This behaviour had started last September, when he was around out ASD kiddos (not to blame them, obviously, but he clearly seen a lot of self-injurious behaviour, as did we when we dropped him off each morning for the two weeks he attended). It makes me so angry at these stubborn people, and so sad for R. He deserves better. Every child deserves to be treated like a person, not trained to comply.

Needless to say, this has been an eventful week and I’m sure tomorrow will be just the same. Here’s to a peaceful weekend!

King of the Wipers


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